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We create the magic of working together in nature. Retreats & Offsites that make everyone feel what’s possible.


Our Goal: Come as a Team,
leave as a Tribe.

Company retreats done right give your people a real sense of clarity and alignment. They allow your people to thrive together.


Powerful locations in nature


Seamless event & travel management


Effective Experience Design

people talking about work on couches made of wicker

New Scenery
New Thinking

We strongly believe that hosting regular meetings and events in nature is one of the most effective ways to strengthen a team and build a resilient culture within an organisation.


Let us take you through our bullet proof recipe for retreats that work for you:


There is a small number of typical & important reasons for bringing your people together. Building on the experience of running hundreds of retreats and events, we have you covered with our retreat packages - bespoke packages for really delivering on your goal.

Every event, retreat, offsite or workation is a full package integrating an inspiring location, event management and experience design. And if your program is already set, we can help you with our locations, event & travel management.

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Allow your people to really open up to new concepts and skills


Tell us your vision for this event. What is it you want your team to feel, experience and come back Home with?

We have hundreds of retreats and gathering under our belts, and you can trust the well oiled machine that is our team to come up with the most relevant combo of activities, workshop and facilitation to bring your vision to life.


Shared Emotional Experiences are key to building a team that truly cares.


We are running a boutique network of curated locations throughout Europe. All of our places are unqiue and committed to the art of hosting groups. While defying the vibe of classic conference hotels, all places provide perfect & professional infrastructure for any types of events: creative workshops, productive meetings - or even conferences ;)

full service

Our full-package company retreats ensure a cohesive and well-coordinated experience.

We handle every detail, from planning to execution, allowing your team to focus on bonding and productivity, making the entire retreat stress-free and memorable.

Check out out the different service levels we offer within our packages.

tattoed guy working with his team to complete a task

Discover the Perfect Setting for building trust and energy


Effortless global journeys, from door to door


Crafting Unforgettable experiential flows

Eat and sleep well. Easier said than done for large groups.


A managed plaform to keep people involved & informed 

The emotion of community is the biggest factor in attracting and retaining talent.

From Teams to Tribes:
Crafting Unbreakable Bonds in Nature


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FALL 2024 

For managers of distributed teams who want to finish this year with a big step ahead for their people 💪🏼

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