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Leadership Development

Lead by example, and jump in with your team!


Leadership Development Retreats

Cultivating Leaders, Naturally (Pun Intended)

At The Campfire Company, we're on a rather noble quest (if we do say so ourselves) to unlock leadership potential through the somewhat unconventional means of nature. Why? Because sometimes, the best way to find what truly matters is to get a bit lost in the woods (figuratively speaking, of course).

The Leadership Playground

Imagine this: your team, surrounded by the splendid isolation of nature (albeit with all the comforts of our meticulously chosen venues), discovering their inner leaders. It’s a bit peculiar but remarkably effective. Consider a leadership retreat as the ultimate sandbox for emerging leaders. Here your team can practice leadership skills they might not dare to try somewhere else.

Sharpening the Tools of Leadership

Through the strategic use of nature, engaging activities, and a touch of facilitation wizardry, we provide the setting for refining the essential skills of leadership. This can include mastering the art of listening (without thinking about what’s for lunch), empathy (walking a mile in someone else’s hiking boots), problem-solving (without resorting to Chat GPT per default), goal setting and many more of the timeless evergreens of leadership.

Join Us for an Unconventionally Effective Adventure

The Campfire Company isn't just about finding the right backdrop for your next leadership retreat; we're about creating experiences that stick (like that bit of marshmallow you can’t quite get off your coat after a campfire). Whether you're fostering new leaders or teaching old dogs new tricks, we're here to help in an environment that encourages growth, connectivity, and a dash of laughter.

So, why not join us in the heart of nature for a journey of leadership development? It’s an experience that promises to be as enriching as it is slightly, delightfully different.

Pro tip:

Do not over plan your event, allow for “down time” that will foster serendipity moments and give space for some of your team members to step up and show off some new skills.

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