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Don't be Cheap on the Magic

We've all seen or heard a version of this "You can only pick 2" pitch.

something can only be one of the two: good, fast, cheap

For sure there are always exceptions. Some will tell you Burger King's whoppers are good, after all.

But in most situations, this rule seem to prevail. When it is time to make decisions about the team retreat, you often have to make decisions within some constraints.

What are you willing to compromise on? 

Every decision you make for your team retreat will impact the outcome, so what will it be?

  • Time? Usually time is of the essence. In today's world, we want it all and we want it now. Being able to take 4 days off to travel with your team is already a stretch for many companies. So the idea is to pack as much magic as possible into a short enough amount of time.

  • Quality?  If you are going to do this, do it well. If you know it is going to be of poor quality you are better off staying at "home" and order whoopers for everyone. If you think a team retreats starts and ends at the workshop room and edible food, you should probably rethink the purpose of your gathering.

  • Budget? Taking 50 plus people on a 4 day trip is an expense for many companies. For others, it is an investment. That being said, budget is always the sinews of war.

  • And so we are left with... The Magic. That is where most people will instinctively compromise. Because as many other things in life, what cannot be easily measured is rarely valued.

Looking for the "magic budget" in the spread sheet

The true cost of magic

Be under no illusion, Good Magic takes not only talent but time and resources.

Magical moments are like moments that feel effortless. They take a lot of effort behind the scene to come to life.

That requires manpower, brainpower and financial power too at times.

It is not about 5 stars and luxurious hotels half way across the world. It is about feeling what's possible. And that is a large part of the work we do as nature retreat experts. It is about understanding what kind of team you are, what your gathering is about, and knowing not only what is necessary to make it happen but feeling what will make it a magical event.

Magical moments can be anything and happen anywhere. They can be as affordable as a campfire in the forest, or as expensive as a hot air balloon ride to watch the sunset. It is not about the price tag of the moment, it is about allowing for time, space and budget for the moment to be nurtured.

That means, first and foremost, making sure everything else is going well. The transportation, the communication, the food, the accommodation, the facilitation, as well as being in the right location for that specific gathering. And then and only then, can everyone be in a state which is conducive to enchantment.

the magic of the sunlight through the trees of an Italian garden
Enchanting grounds are conducive to magical moments


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