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The Workation Village

Italy (North West)
Capacity: 200

Bedrooms: 78

Meeting rooms: 10+

Closest Airports: 35min - Turin; km - 75min Milan

Activities: yoga in nature, hazelnut farm visit, pasta making course, cooking feast, campfire, archery


Get lost in this beautiful maze, stretching over an historic castello and village with more than 1000 years of history.

There are several coworking spaces for open use on the site with a fast internet connection. Expand your team's vision while working in unusual historical rooms with a stunning view, surrounded by nature. The space allows for networking opportunities between colleagues who haven't seen each other for a while as well as for focused work sessions.

Your people will sleep in rooms that feel like a crossover between a lovely countryside hotel and Harry Potter's Hogwarts. Our rooms are all classy-beautiful and also charmingly imperfect here and there. The place was shaped by hundreds of years of history and we are contributing with the touch of our time.

Luca Garrone and his family have invested many years and incredible passion to restore the castello and village. In the late 1980s, they were inspired by the energy of this place and began with the work of bringing  back life to this unique campus-like structure. The work of Luca is still ongoing and thanks to these efforts, innovative teams from all over the world are today able to come here and reconnect in nature, surrounded by over 1000 years of history brought back to life.


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