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Tenuta Sardegna

Italy (Sardinia)
Capacity: 85

Bedrooms: 32

Meeting rooms: 2

Closest Airport: 35min - Olbia

Activities: SPA, Walking Trails, Cooking classes


In the heart of the Gallura countryside between granite and junipers, olive trees, dry stone walls, memories of ancient times and modern times. The wind digs and marks the rocks, gives a sinuous movement that goes well with the swaying of the branches of the well-kept vegetation that surrounds every single house. The stories of Minnannu echo through the trees. Minnnnu a Gallura term for grandfather, the only custodian of the vast property bequeathed to his daughter Maddalena and her husband Sig Piero. The family's adventure began in 1980 when they started farming livestock. Fatigue, sacrifices, commitment and union The impossible mission of 2005: to allow all those who wanted to take a leap of faith, explore and experiment to breathe in the Gallura countryside

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