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Workation Retreats

Combine work & travel to create your company culture

How can you combine work and nature into a strong company culture?

Workation is a term that was coined by individual travelers in the digital nomad scene. Get work done in a vacation setup - that's the basic idea. Technology enables us to overcome the seperateness of office culture and a beautiful nature surrounding. In a time where many companies distance themselves from the idea of a permanent office, the workation idea is more and more applied by teams and entire companies.  


Many of them have their talent distributed over many countries. For them workations offer a beautiful and casual way to work and get to know each other. Once upon a time, people met at vthe coffee machine in the office every morning. Now they spend a week or two in nature every quarter as important and condensed interludes to their virtual collaboration. Workation retreats are often also called teambuilding retreats.

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