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What happened

We have become the go to place for Sherpany’s MidQ Sales Boost.

How did we do it?

  • They only have 3 days and clear goals: deep work and connections.

  • We fit their values: TWV being different is exactly why we want to go there. The rooms being all different and a bit quirky, the vegetarian and local food… that is what attracts us, the non traditional way of doing things.

  • We provide somewhere that takes them out of their routines, is easy for everyone to access and that they can come back to so they will not lose time for acclimatisation at each retreat.

  • We take care of it! Summer, spring, winter or fall, we deliver the “home feeling” the team needs.

Their take away

  • They shared that it is like a home away from home. It feels both exciting while comfortable and safe enough

  • They have learnt that small discomfort can create powerful shared stories: during the winter retreats it gets a little bit colder which prompts people to start fires together!

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