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What happened

“It was the all inclusive package we did not know we needed" we heard during our post event interview. 

A night in Turin was proposed as part of the agenda. Several taxis were pre-booked for that. In the end though, not many of the guests joined as the majority of the group decided to stay together at the Village. That is to us a beautiful confirmation that the work we do matters.

How did we do it?


The Workation Village was the perfect location for such a client. Having the immense campus for themselves really allowed everyone to find little nooks and inspiring spaces to work from throughout the stay. 


From the transfer to the menus, this was a tailor made event during which our team took care of everything, making sure their team could focus on connecting and getting inspired..


In addition to our traditional  morning yoga and runs, we organised a forest hike to reach a neighboring vineyard where they finished with a wine tasting. 

When you are in Italy, it is hard to go a few days without a pizza night.

Our pizza nights are quite special. Picture your team sitting under the stars, overlooking a gorgeous landscape of fields and our kitchen staff bringing you plates after plates of different kinds of pizza.  And of course, we had to serve gelato!

Their take away

  • Better productivity It was the all inclusive package we did not know we needed said participant Sven.

  • Greater connection "seeing my colleagues chatting around the campfire after a full day of workshop really made a difference in the way we connected as a team".

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