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Werewolf Village

Werewolf is an immersive game experience In this ‘hidden role’ game, players are asked to imagine themselves as villagers in a medieval Italian village. 

Most are ordinary villagers, but some are secretly werewolves. As the werewolves pick the villagers off one by one, the villagers must identify the wolves before it’s too late. An easy and fun game that will not just break the ice but melt it right away! 

Usually there is always someone in a group that is great at being the show-master and can host this event.   

If you need help from us, we can take over the role of the narrator and will guide you through the course of the game. Depending on the needs of the team, we will focus on different development outcomes:  

• Adapt to changing group dynamics as new information is revealed  

• Apply lateral and creative thinking to solve problems 

• Lead – as the dynamics of the game changes, different players get the opportunity to take the wheel 

• Collaborate, communicate and strategize  

• Open and conduct difficult discussions and offer constructive feedback. This aspect is particularly useful for new managers who have recently been promoted. 

• Present a convincing argument, persuade others to your way of thinking and understand the voting process. Getting people to agree with your recommendations, getting the group to reach consensus and learning to use both emotions and statistics to persuade. 

• Understand how preconceptions and cognitive bias may inform opinions and decisions with a view to improving diversity, inclusion, equity and cultural intelligence.

A Werewolf session comes with three facilitated rounds of the game plus a debrief for players. Maximum group size is 30 persons and you will need about 2 hours. Best is to play it in the evening after dinner.

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