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Historical Tour

Learn about the history of the magical place where you are staying.

For example, in The Workation Village, you can hear about the origins of castello. 

The castle had been witnessing historical disputes between Italy, France and Spain for centuries and was the destination of illustrious visitors. Look out for our huge ginkgo tree on the hill that was planted in honor of Napoleon when he visited the place in 1810!  

The entire complex as we see it today was extensively restored In 1761 by the renowned Baroque architect Bernardo Vittone. Also the park is famous for the variety of plants and flowers that were bred here. It has been the central field of study of the University of Botany in Turin and was designed by German garden architect Xavier Kurten in the beginning of the 19th century.  

Ask for a historical tour by the owner and host of the castello, Luca Garrone, who reveals the story of its origin and restoration.

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