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Group Games

How do individual actions impact the organizations we are part of? 

In the experiential workshop, participants will engage in activities and physical games that allow them to observe concretely:  

• How they feel within the group 

• The roles they take within the group 

• How it feels to lead/follow 

• The consequences of their choices in terms of action or inaction. 

The activities will be both enjoyable and reflective, with a practical component and moments of discussion in plenary or small groups.  


- A stronger sense of belonging to the group; 

- Increased visibility of group dynamics for greater awareness of power and influence; 

- Understanding and appreciation of individual strengths within the group.

Practical movement activities with exercises in pairs, trios, and groups can be conducted in a large indoor space or outdoors. After each activity, there will be moments for sharing and observation, both individually and in small groups or in a plenary setting.

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