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Empathy Circle

Since the beginning of time, humankind has gathered around the fire to share stories, exchange ideas, and build stronger relationships.   

These gatherings were not only for entertainment; they were crucial for our survival as a species. However, today we are slowly losing the art of face-to-face storytelling.  

How can we bring back this ancient practice?  

During the session, it will be possible, if desired, to share a story or simply to listen with an open heart, practicing empathic abilities.   

Those who have participated say that they have gained valuable teachings from the circle.  

This activity is useful for celebrating successes, processing moments of difficulty and conflict experienced by the team, or simply getting to know each other more deeply and changing perspectives on the people we work with, breaking prejudices.  


• Greater familiarity among participants. 

• Training in listening skills, giving feedback, and asking supportive questions. 

• Experience of connection and exciting emotional contact. 

• Emotional transformation of the team.

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