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Who would you take with you on an island?

My whole team!
Said no one ever, you're probably thinking.
Think again.

Picture this.

In the north of Italy, by lake Garda, there is an island called Monte Isola.

There, between the water and the mountains is the charming village of Peschiera Maraglio, or as our co-founder calls it, Italy in a nutshell. This is where our crew is creating yet another place for retreats that make teams feel what’s possible!

Small island, Big teams.

Between shared, private rooms and apartments, the island can comfortably accommodate up to 150 people with shared kitchens and living areas as well as all the necessary amenities in terms of workshops and break-out rooms, conference halls, and, of course, reliable wifi.

The island is fully pedestrian and pretty much everything is within walking distance which really gives that village feeling to any gathering.

Experience it all.

This is the perfect place to focus on your visions and goals. As well as, a rare opportunity to experience things together and create beautiful shared memories with your team.

From biking and hiking to swimming and boat riding, there are plenty of ways to get active and bond with your colleagues.

History lovers can go for a walk and visit Martinengo Fortress, a 14th-century building, or the sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola, which offers a unique 360-degree view of the lake. And of course, there is always time to participate in cooking classes and tastings. Indeed, as anywhere in Italy, the most important moments will always be around the table!

Need to see it to believe it? ... here it is.

Monte Isola, come as a team, leave as a tribe!

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