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Walking the Talk

In January the team of Campfire Company met up in a new venue in the southwest of the UK called Selgars Estate.

Our CEO johannes, COO Leo, our Head of Marketing Franziska, CFO Sabine, Head of Events Natalia, and Head of content Morgane, spent 3 days together in a former paper mill talking about retreats, workation, facilitation, event planning, and new locations.

It is always extremely valuable for us to put ourselves in the shoes of the companies we work for/with all year round.

Here are some of our takeaways from our first retreat of 2023:


With our team happily scattered across Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, and England, for now), we very much fit the bill of most of our clients. We enjoy getting face-to-face time to drill down on some pain points, or bottlenecks, realine on the vision, talk about exciting ideas and simply spend time with our teammates.


We also understand the challenge of being a hybrid team. As much as we appreciate the flexibility and freedom remote work gives us, it also means new challenges when it comes to coming together face to face:

  • we have to work around everyone's schedule and location

  • we have to find a place that is easily accessible to everyone

  • we have to prioritize and organize the agenda

  • we have to factor in the time difference, tiredness from traveling and different energy levels, and everyone's ongoing tasks and projects

  • we have to find time for doing nothing & fun things together!

  • we have to make sure we ... get shit done!


Because we know what it takes and what is at stake, we have perfected our processes and workflows to cut to the chase and focus on what really matters during those events.

And that we believe is (re) connections:

  • to oneself by understanding one's place in the company as part of a whole

  • to one another/the team

  • to the vision

  • to the challenge

And we have learned by experience that this happens best when in a setting that allows for repeated unplanned encounters in a setting that feels safe and genuine and encourages trust to build.

...or to put it simply, around a campfire.

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