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Type of retreats

If you have read our purpose piece you now know purpose comes first. Everything will stem from that, so define it wisely! Once this is done it will be much easier for you to go through the rest of the decision-making list. Next item on that list: What type of retreat are we organizing? Yes, a retreat can take different forms. At Campfire we focus mainly on 6 types of retreats (but always happy to discover new ones!).

  • Focus retreats

a team on a work retreat on a balcony in Italy

Take your team out of their environment and instill new energy, extra productivity, and creativity for deep dives, design sprints, etc. We support this by providing beautiful spaces with breathtaking landscapes, comfortable accommodations with access to delicious food and fun activities.

a woman in a pink dress sitting by a pool in Italy on a workation
  • Workation

The best of both worlds.

Take your team somewhere they will be able to work productively all the while feeling on vacation as soon as they close their laptop.

a team working outside on a leadership retreat
  • Leadership retreats

Things are changing fast. Staying on track and knowing how to empower your team demands work and commitment. Leadership retreats are a great way to make sure you are still aligned, and to work on strategy, as well as a great opportunity to get guidance from coaches and facilitators.

a team laughing together learning something new on a retreat
  • Training retreats

Learning something new is exciting but it can also be draining. Taking a course or launching a new project in a beautiful setting in nature together as a team is a great way to start on the right track!

a group of people networking
  • Networking retreats

Beyond your team, your network is your greatest ally. Nature happens to be the best connector. We help you bring your most relevant connections in an inspiring setting to strengthen and deepen those relationships based on trust and reciprocity.

a woman holding a mic talking to an audience
  • Event retreats

Celebrate! The launch of a new product, the start of a new project, an anniversary, a big milestone, a win, and even a f*** up, why not? There are always reasons to get together.

Unsure what retreat fits your purpose and your team? Not ready to lead the whole thing on your own?

Never hesitate to reach out, we will be more than happy to help you design one that fits your needs and find the experts who can facilitate it for you.


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