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The 9 benefits that make a team retreat essential to your strategy.

When Covid first 'appeared' in early 2020 we could not predict how it would modify our ways of life. It was impossible to know what solutions where here to stay for good. Three years later and we are now able to see that the rise of remote and hybrid work have deeply changed how we approach work and the workspace. What was thought to be temporary has, for many companies, become the new normal and, as always, change brings its share of good and bad.


After rejoicing in the idea that we can now take calls wearing pyjama bottoms, when the routine sets in, so does isolation and loneliness. Already back before the pandemic studies showed that if remote work did indeed increase productivity, the down side was almost always the lack of social interactions. It might not be obvious at first but eventually, the absence of all the micro social interactions we used to have at the office or even on our way there and back, starts to show, negatively impacting the team spirit of the company. Wellbeing and productivity are usually next in line to take a toll. Even if your team is not fully remote but exploring the hybrid concept, people who usually sat two desks away from each other Monday through Friday are now much less prone to meet at the coffee machine, eat lunch together or simply cross path.


Even if your team is not remote at all. Covid has impacted all of us, in one way or another. For a majority of people it has been a time of high anxiety and stress as well as of deep reflextion around meaning and balance. Going back to the office, it is important to create an atmosphere your team members are excited to join day after day, feeling motivated, trusted and like they belong.


Building great communication forum, efficient processes and having clear structures are necessary SOPs for any team, in the office, going hybrid and/or remote.

If five years ago "team retreats" may have sounded like a bit of an extravagance, today, it has become more of an essential part of any successful team building strategy.


With greater freedom also comes greater responsability. For everyone, employees and leaders alike. That is why we work with companies and spaces to put together unforgetable retreats that will:

  • (Re)boost motivation The same way being out in the sunshine, eating good food or exercice can boost serotonin levels, these activities can also boost motivation! All you need to do as a team leader is knowing how to make it about the company's purpose and goals. And, no, it is not just about putting a cool sign on the wall.

  • Build trust It is not always easy to trust someone you have never met or only see on occasions. When brought into a new environment, in nature, sharing meals and doing activities together that are unrelated to work, people tend to let go of the "masks", relax and even start showing vulnerability (if the retreat is well led!) - That is usually when the magic happens, because showing vulnerability builds trust.

  • Create a sense of belonging Feeling like we belong to a group is a basic human need that once fulfilled allow us to feel more confident and creative (Malsow says it best) - Zoom calls can be fun but nothing makes you feel like part of the pack like eating breakfast lunch and dinners with your team for several days, sharing stories around the fire, climbing a mountain together and bringing all these shared memories back home. It is all of this, that will, in time, build the common (Hi)story of your company.

  • Build a support system This will stem from the points above. Once one trusts and feels like they belong it will be much easier for them to share their struggle and ask for help without feeling like they are jeopardizing their position. That leads to resolving issues quickers and simply healthier relationships within the team.

  • Create synergy They may not have business together but if someone in accounting has a great time with someone from marketing during the retreat, great ideas might come to life much faster when the time is right!

  • Notice different personalities As a team leader, retreats are a one of kind opportunity to appreciate different sides of your team members' personalities and skills.

  • Get back on track Of course retreats are not just about playing games outdoors. It is important to approach the retreat with the right mindset, with a plan and desired outcome. Retreats are perfect opportunities to make sure everyone in the team is alligned and understands the goals for the next period.

  • Build loyalty, attract and retain talents If your retreats are remembered as wonderful time spent together in nature enabling connections and deep work, chances are your employees will soon see them as some of the highlights of their year. A retreat then becomes a very valuable way to attract and/or retain new talents. So make it count!

  • Get great content! Last but not least, going away to a beautiful place, doing all those things together, there will for sure be a lot of pictures taken and stories told. People will also be more relaxed and eager to share their experience. Why not put those to good use and take this opportunity to create valuable content for your marketing team?


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