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The Cherry On Top

a team retreat organizer looking into the view

This week we had a chat with our very first team member at Campfire Company, Natalia Wójcik, our project manager & retreat designer, but also a Yoga teacher and Solution finder. Natalia has the energy of 10 normal humans and can single-handedly host groups from 20 to 150. Her positivity and problem-solving attitude as well as her ability to focus and prioritize is quite impressive. It has been a pleasure to see Natalia grow into this role. But enough about me she would probably say, because yes, she is also humble.

I asked Natalia about her latest retreat and she told me about Cherry Ventures.

A Berlin-based seed-stage venture fund that champions founders in Europe and believes that good ideas know no borders.

teaching yoga outdoor for a team retreat

It was a first-of-a-kind retreat for our experienced leader as never before had we hosted Investors and the founders of their portfolio companies together to exchange on challenges and growth.

"I loved the vibe," says Natalia, "the language they used, their passion and drive, it was contagious". She also liked how the team challenged us to deliver new types of experiences and activities such as a grand Gala night with singing waiting staff, or sound bath meditation.

This last one being so popular, it really confirmed our hope to incorporate more of the "mind & soul" aspect into our retreat offers.


Thank you Cherry Team for making it an experience for our team as well, and Natalia for sharing it with us!

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