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Seasonal Team Retreats

If you know a bit about us, you know that we work mostly with locations in Europe and more often than not, southern Europe.

Why do we like southern Europe (and why we LOVE Italy) you ask? There are many reasons but the top 3 are:

  • it's beautiful: Nature + Culture!!!

  • the food is amazing

  • it is usually warmer that anywhere else (up north)

  • it still has seasons (even if everyone keep saying seasons no longer exists).

Why do seasonal team retreats?

When planning a team retreat, most people think about the late spring or summer, hoping for good weather and quality time outside in between meetings. Which is completely understandable.

That does not mean however that winter and fall should be completely disregarded. Just like the seasons have a purpose, so do the quarters for most businesses after all.

a woman hiking in the forest in winter
A refreshing hike followed by a cosy tea by the fire

Winter team retreat: don't get cold feet

A winter retreat does not have to be an expensive-equipment heavy (and not very inclusive) ski trip. We love winter in our italian locations because the peaks of the surrounding mountains are covered in beautiful white snow in the distance creating breathtaking backdrop for any meetings. The quieter and softer atmosphere calls for cosier and more grounding times that encourage teams to go deeper and gather around the fire in massive fireplaces. There are less tourists as well which means more space and time for teams to get out and visit the villages and towns around. All the while still having the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities (runs, hikes, fire) and plenty of our indoor ones (cooking class, yoga...)

2 female team members sitting around a firepit
the fall sun allows for meaningful stints outside during the day

Fall team retreat: don't let that idea fall through the cracks

Fall is usually a time for reflection on the year, assessing the progress so far and how to re-energize everyone for a last push before the winter break. Italy is very often blessed with late summer heat. Which means it could be the best time to come with your team to still enjoy the nature while escape the summer's heat wave. Pro tip: the fall is also the best time for food & wine festivals in the region!

a team meeting outside
Nothing a blanket can't fix

Spring team retreat: Spring into action

We all know it, spring is a wonderful time for retreats. It is a period full of energy during which ideas tend to blossom. Spring team retreats are a great occasion to implement those new ideas!

pro tip: the ideal season for hiking, visiting and cycling with crisp bright days!

a large team in a circle outside
A field of possibilities

Summer team retreat: make hay while the sun shines

Italian summers. There is really not much more to say. It's beautiful, it's warm, it's colourful, it's picture perfect. The possibilities are endless: a private ice cream truck coming to you and your team at the end of the day, going for a swim, taking a boat ride, a day trip to the mountains to cool off...

It's the ideal time to come and celebrate the work achieved (or a project to come) with your team.

pro tip: best time to work from actually anywhere!

a team having a meeting outside in summer
creativity needs no walls nor shoes

So next time you open your calendar, do not reduce your window to a few months. Remember that each retreat goal has its "perfect time of the year". We are always happy to help you figure that out.

And if you have several retreats a year, never be afraid to return to the same place. That is the magic of seasonal team retreats, you get to experience a space through each season!

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