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ReCup at the Workation Village

Last year we had the privilege of hosting the RECUP team, Germany's leading reusable system for the catering industry. Their concept is as simple as it is brilliant. Take away does not have to mean throw away.

Launched in 2016 by Fabian Eckert and Florian Pachaly rapidly saw their team grow to just under 100 people. RECUP boasts a strong commitment to their employees' well-being. With a relatively young team made of primary millennials and Gen Z, they emphasize the importance of work-life balance, self-care, mental health, and finding meaning through work. Beautiful values which are keys to a strong company culture.


When COVID hit, the company went fully remote and has now adopted a hybrid model.

This has been a challenge for Fabian, as he shares with us a zoom call after the workation week.

But he admits that it has been a great opportunity for the company in terms of finding and attracting great talents across borders.

What he finds the most challenging is onboarding new people while giving them a sense of the company culture.


It has always been part of the RECUP tradition to have yearly workation. A time to focus on work outside of the office and see what emerges.

With the new challenges brought by being a fully remote company, the workation has now become an essential tool for team building.

Fabian explains that they always had an option for all team members to put 3% of their salary away in a common pot in order to fund the "RECAP Unplanned", a fun week away together.

As the company keeps growing, bringing on new talents from across the country and Europe, the founders decided that the company would cover the Unplanned Workations to turn them into a tradition not to miss.


Anyone who's ever organized a team retreat knows the importance to plan even the unplanned. There are always 2-3 official meetings and workshops and a lot of space for impromptu get-togethers as well as an open forum for employees to gift something to their coworkers (skill share, activity, game...)

With a bigger team, Fabian noticed that their list of requirements for finding the perfect space for their worktation got bigger too. Some essentials are: - working room for the whole team - Wifi of course - reachable in a 5-8h drive as they have a no-fly policy - Connected to nature - good food

We liked that it looked different and unfamiliar, Fabian concludes. It works as a natural icebreaker, something people can talk about.

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