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Make Workation part of your Employee Value Proposition


As we all know and have heard over and over lately, with the Great Resignation trend, people are not only leaving their jobs, they are now giving attention to much more than the wages or the corner office when it comes to finding a new position.

Attracting and retaining talents has become one of the top 5 biggest challenges for HR professionals in many industries, together with employee engagement and diversity. Meaning, purpose, belonging, self-realization, or simply work-life balance respect are now the expectations of many.

If the demand changes, it is time to update the offering.


What on earth is EVP you ask? EVP stands out for Employee Value Proposition. This is basically the equivalent of your USP (Unique Saling Point) but from the point of you of your staff: what makes you stand out from the crowd of employers out there? Yet many companies fail to change their ways and still present potential recruits with irrelevant and untargeted offers.

Start-ups and even scale-ups though seem to have adapted more quickly when it comes to their Employee Value Proposition. These teams may have smaller budgets but often more freedom when it comes to thinking outside the box, giving way to creative, targeted, and attractive offers that talents are less inclined to refuse.

The same way that with equivalent skills and experience, the person that will get the position will probably be the one with the best attitude and 'something about them that makes them stand out', job seekers are now looking at their future employer for these same characteristics, a little 'je ne sais quoi' that makes the difference.

In a world where we are all constantly connected, where we can work from anywhere, and where we value our well-being and freedom more and more, offering flexibility and personal growth can be a game changer.

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First, a disclaimer: by workation we refer to a week-long (or more) off-site period organized by the company for its employees or part of a team to go to a place that offers amenities to both work and relax in a beautiful and often close to nature, environment.

Workations are a great tool to keep your team engaged, work towards a common goal, and create new collaborations.

Many of our clients plan 2 to 4 workations a year. These are moments everyone looks forward to. They are times for the employees to come together and exchange in a completely different setting.

The time spent outside the workshop room and off the laptops is almost the most valuable one during a workation. That is when genuine and authentic connections are made. At the lunch and dinner table, hiking, swimming, or singing karaoke, and then going to bed on the same floor saying 'see you at breakfast tomorrow'.

By adding Workation to your calendar you are not only rewarding your team with a trip to a beautiful location, but you are also acknowledging the importance of deep connections and a sense of belonging to be able to be at our best in and out of the office. It is a concrete way to increase your attractiveness all the while benefiting both the company and the individual.


Last but not least, these events do wonders for your company's communication and Employer Branding.

It is a perfect opportunity for beautiful, authentic, and inspiring photos and videos to be taken, for memories to be captured and reshared on social media, as well as be used as promotional material in the future.

The narrative of your Tribe is coined during these workations: the story you tell to your team, and the one you show through your online presence.

It's the ultimate opportunity to not only make sure they align but also are genuine and attractive.

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