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It's an Exchange of Energy

The Campfire team is growing. A couple of months ago Sanida joined us as a Retreat Specialist. She is the first contact for the companies when it is time to answer the question:

Where to go?

young woman in nature during a team retreat
Follow the Retreat Specialist!

From Theater troupe to Scale up Teams

Sanida first worked in the cultural field within the theater industry but she grew out of it and longed to feel part of a team and join an event company. After living in London for a while and experiencing the nomadic life, she felt the need to settle down and ground herself, she is now doing this in Turin.

"This is for me," she tells us.

"I love the work, it is an exchange of energy between our team and theirs, they are open and excited and we want to channel that while guiding them. You can also tell the Campfire team shares the same passion to deliver, and the client can feel that too".

a start-up team having lunch together
The Team!

There Are Always More Venues

One of the great challenges of her work is that there are always more venues to discover. "Just here in Italy, there is already so much potential" Sanida adds. But Italy is only one of our favorite Campfire destinations. With a usually tight timeline and large teams with high expectations, it can sometimes get a bit stressful but it is the part of the work Sanida loves, to see the faces of the clients when she finds the perfect location!

a team around a fire
Always an excuse for a campfire

The Magic Factor

The location has to feel "wooaa". It is as simple and subtle as that.

It is not about classical luxury or fancy services. It is much more about breathtaking nature, fun activities, equipped and varied workspaces, easy access, reliable wifi, and at least 40 bedrooms.

"We are currently looking mostly in Europe but we also have contacts in the US. So far I was most impressed by a fairytale-like castle" Sanida shares.

a beautiful castle venue for team retreats in Italy

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