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Finding Balance: How Nature Retreats Can Enhance Work-Life Integration for Scaling Businesses

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, with the rise of hybrid and remote work, the frontier between private and professional spheres is becoming more blurry and both are becoming more intertwined.

The "search for balance" is on everyone's lips and agenda.

an outdoor team building exercise with yoga mats.
Between private and professional life, the gap is getting smaller.


We all are different and have different expectations and goals when it comes to our private and professional lives.

It is not so much about having strict containers but allowing flexibility to feel our best at all times: Full of energy in our private lives with time for those we love and what makes us happy. Full of inspiration and motivation in our professional lives with time for what we do best and brings us meaning. Or at least that is the ideal dream.

That balance is fragile and demands many regular adjustments in those 5 areas:

- Time management

- flexibility

- Mental and physical health

- Alignment with personal values

- Ability to establish boundaries

It is not just an individual quest and a company plays a big role in their employees' search for balance.

A team writing gratitude messages to their teammates
Alignement is key.


By putting certain policies and practices in place, and by simply creating the right culture, a company can strongly impact the work-life balance of its employees.

Here are a few of the many ways a company can support a healthier overall lifestyle for their teams:

- by reducing unnecessary meetings

- by encouraging breaks (short walks, stretching, breathing exercises...)

- by respecting the offline time of employees taking time off

- by having clear expectations and KPIs that take into account the quality of the work rather than the time spent at the office/online

- by being flexible when it comes to people's personal situations

- by offering wellness/mental health support programs and partnerships

- by showing appreciation

a team about to eat blindfolded
Companies cannot turn a blind eye when it comes to balance.


What better way to show appreciation than to take your team on a trip? Won't that blur the line even more? you may ask.

We like to think that in today's world, where the line stand is very personal. What is important, is to be in an environment where everyone feels like they can express those boundaries.

By getting away for a few days together you will be:

  • Getting out of the box Whether or not you have an office, getting out of the routine is a great way to reflect, assess and notice habits and practices that can be changed, kept, and/or improved.

  • Deepening bonds for greater communication & alignment. Going away, somewhere new, as a group is always an exciting endeavor. Usually, these days allow for less screen time and more face-to-face time which is beneficial for your team spirit and bonding as humans rather than simple coworkers. Sharing more moments such as breakfast and evenings together, times when the masks usually go off, allows us to go deeper and share more. All of that is great for a more aligned team that communicates better.

  • Confirming the importance of fun Workations are a great example that productivity does not diminish, despite giving more time to none "work-related" activities. On the contrary, they often increase creativity and are good confirmation of the importance of off/down and fun times alongside deep work sessions.

  • Reducing stress It is proven time and time again that nature help reduce stress. Plus, there is no commute time and meals are planned for you!

To name a few. It is time to stop seeing workation as a nice add-on, and start counting it as an essential part of your Company Culture building kit!

a yoga class outdoor in Italy
Balance demands practice

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