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Feel What's Possible

"Some of the strongest memories of togetherness and inspiration for the future were created in my youth sitting around campfires in big groups somewhere in Europe, wherever we went hiking and camping as scouts with my brother Leo".

kids around the campfire

For years, Johannes has been organizing workations and leadership retreats for entrepreneurs and scale-ups. Constantly searching for ways to strengthen teams by working on their relationships to each other, to nature and to themselves. He is convinced that what was felt around that campfire as a 10 years old can be replicated and harnessed if only the adult versions of ourselves would let the guard down a bit. Decades from this childhood memory, Johannes and his brother Leo founded Campfire Company. A project born out of that determination to bring the spark from ancient wisdom to ignite inspiration, creativity, and deep connections within the teams of the future.

Finding that Spark again

We are here to best support startups and companies to navigate these new ways of working. We celebrate and fully embrace the revolution remote and hybrid work has brought to our approach to productivity and the "work-life balance" concept. However, we are also fully aware of the challenges such changes can create when it comes to leadership & workflows, cohesion & team spirit, inspiration, and overall wellbeing. 'Holding hands while chanting' isn't what we are here to sell you. As lovely as it may be when (and if) the time is right. We are entrepreneurs with our feet firmly on the ground. We just happen to know the value of stepping barefoot in the grass from time to time.

With Campfire Company, our team lights the spark and yours experiences the magic.

barefoot in the grass

Facilitating tribe building in Nature

Real estate agents are known to say "Location Location Location". At Campfire we tend to say "Location, Facilitation, Inspiration".

Not only do we find the perfect place for your team to come together in nature (with all the modern comfort of course), but we can also support you throughout the whole retreat. Whether it is by facilitating workshops and masterminds or leading community-building activities.

Things that might push your team members slightly out of their comfort zone at times, bring them closer together always, and unleash creativity and inspiration for months to come.

We Walk the Talk

After months of figuring things out on their own, Johannes, CEO, and Leo, COO, have been joined by Natalia as Event & Operations Manager, Franzisca as Marking Manager, and Morgane as Content Creator. Every one of us being remote, the team understands firsthand the challenges and growth potential of the future of work. We have all been accompanying startups and scaleups for years and we all share a common passion for helping companies thrive through authentic connections and meaningful work.

This is what we are great at and what we love to do.

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