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Can you afford to NOT do this well?

This is the question Emily Hinks, CEO & founder of Mischief Makers facilitation agency raised right away as we jumped on a call to discuss the importance of team retreats and our new collaboration.

The Campfire team met the Mischief Makers at the Workation Village n 2022 during a BMW foundation retreat. Both teams immediately felt a connection around a similar ethos and an understanding of the importance of facilitation and that serious results don't always require serious behaviors.

Where does culture live?

"Culture used to live at the office" started Emily

Today, where does culture live?

We are all aware that we need relationships to survive and thrive but in a world where work can now happen anywhere and teams are more and more hybrid and remote, where do these relationships form and blossom?

" In places like the Workation Village" she adds. Events such as team retreats and workations are not just "nice to have" anymore, they are becoming business critical.

The full package

Very often, the task of organizing the team event falls into the laps of the HR department. It is simply added to their already busy schedule and long to-dos. But planning and delivering quality retreats and interactions that create value in the long term is an art that goes beyond the logistics of choosing a venue and caterer. In the same way, Campfire Company finds the perfect place and partners, Mischief Makers are your go-to agency when it comes to designing your workshops, achieving desired outcomes, and lasting effects, and making sure everyone's voice is being heard.

By combining our efforts, we now offer an A-Z service from destination to facilitation and beyond.

It's all in the name

if both our teams came together so easily, it is because we immediately connected on similar values. Putting Humans first, believing in collaboration over competition, understanding the power of nature, and using space as facilitation in people coming together.

Finally, both Campfire Company and Mischief Makers people understand the need for playfulness for more authentic and deeper relationships.

With optimism and fun comes a different kind of energy and type of engagement that have lasting impacts on people and how they will relate in the future.

By bringing it all together through the way we design the spaces and programs we make sure to deliver a productive and memorable event for any team.

Overprepared and understructured

By cocreating everything together with the client, Mischief Makers are able to fully understand the needs, underlying challenges, and, what is truly at stake for each event or session. This allows them to stay flexible and adapt to any kind of situation or last-minute change.

Based in Amsterdam with a wider network of associate facilitators and a large community of alumni trainees, the Mischief Makers team is able to intervene on and offline in any of the Campfire Company partner locations.

The Mischief Makers and Campfire Starters share one more thing in common, they always come prepared and embrace the unpredictable.

Now because you made it until the end of this piece, here is a little reward for you. Our co-create Ultimate Offsite Check List Template.

We are looking forward to a year filled with Mischief around the Campfire!

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