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The British Island

UK (South East)
Capacity: 100

Bedrooms: 77

Meeting Rooms: 5

Closest Airport: 50min - London Stansted


Approximately 380 acres in size and connected to the north bank of the river by a causeway, covered at high water, the island is accessed via an ancient causeway built by the Romans.

The enigmatic tidal road opens at every low tide for a period of 4 hours when cars can be driven across. At high tide, there’s a river taxi service from the mainland, the boat journey taking about 10 minutes. Osea has a fascinating and colourful past echoing back some 5000 years.

This incredible location doesn’t claim to be a luxury spa resort with uniformed personnel, it’s really more a force of nature with silence being perhaps its greatest luxury!

With only the stars for streetlights and an absence of traffic and aircraft noise you may sleep deeply and wake up refreshed to the sound of a bird’s song.

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