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Portuguese Adventure Village

Portugal (Central)
Capacity: 100

Bedrooms: 38

Meeting Rooms: 2

Closest Airport: 50min - Lisbon


Offering sustainable tree house and bungalow accommodations, the resort invites guests to enjoy organic dining, rejuvenate with yoga, and ride the waves at this serene getaway.

Just one hour from Lisbon, there is an enchanted forest of pine trees and eucalyptus, with stilt tree houses and tents planted under their canopy. The tree branches are letting through just enough light to create a magical atmosphere in the daylight, yet uncovering the stars in the beautiful night sky. The sound of the wind is intertwining with the roar of the ocean, and the scent of pine resin blending with the salt. Ecologically committed accommodation including Tree houses and Canadian Rooms, is based on the principles of sustainability without compromising on the comfort level.

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