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Portofino Castle

Italy (North West)
Capacity: 40

Bedrooms: 25

Meeting Rooms: 8

Closest Airport: 90min - Pisa


The origins of Portofino are lost in the most remote antiquity: there are those who want it of Phoenician origin, some of Greek origin, some only Roman. But it is likely that its birth dates back to protohistory, since a place so sheltered from the winds and the sea without any human settlement is unthinkable. And if geographic factors favored the rise of the first inhabited centers, these same factors contributed to making Portofino a tourist center known all over the world. The ancient "Portus Delphini" mentioned by Pliny has very remote origins, linked to its location which made it a safe landing place for ships. Its position and enchanting nature attracted not only the attention of Pliny, who described them in the Ligurian itinerary, but also that of ancient cartographers and geographers such as Pomponio Mela and the Anonymous Ravenna.

The castle, up on the hill, is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of flowers, rose gardens and pergolas. The breathtaking view will accompany you inside the castle.

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