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Leadership Retreats

Enlarge your vision in inspiring surroundings

How do you build a trustful, purpose-driven leadership team?

What is your vision and how do you want to get there? How do you discover or refine and strengthen the purpose that inspires your team to commit to that journey? How do you run your annual or quarterly retrospectives or planing sessions? Where do take a step back to open up and build trust among the leaders around shared values? How do you bring your leaders to open up and really talk about some deeper conflicts that block collaboration and creativity?


These are some of the reasons for management teams to go into nature for leadership retreats. Particularly for fast-moving startup and scaleup companies with the desire to create impact, it is important to revisit these kinds of questions at frequent intervalls. Many of the teams come with a coach or trainer to facilitate their leadership retreat. We can both provide you with a beautiful setup for your retreat and also connect you with a facilitator from our curated network, if needed.

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