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Group Decision Making

Which project do we prioritize? How do we organize the event?

Making decisions as a group can be frustrating, as regardless of the choice, someone often ends up dissatisfied.

In this theoretical and practical workshop, participants will experiment with various methods and decision-making processes, with a focus on consent-based decision-making and sociocracy.

• Random/Fate: for quick decision-making. 

• Leadership/Autocracy: to leverage specific skills. 

• Majority/Democracy: for a broad overview. 

• Consent/Sociocracy: to align the group and create a sense of unity for long-term decisions.


Practical exercises on concrete decisions, group processes, decision theory, and decision-making methods will be a central part of the workshop. These exercises will provide hands-on experience and insights into various decision-making approaches.

Reach out to us 2 weeks before your event.

Group size:

from small to large teams. We adapt the number of facilitators based on your team’s size.

Timing: 4h


  • Each participant will gain a clearer understanding of how decisions are made in groups;

  • Acquisition of practical tools and processes to apply in their professional life;

  • The organization will be able to work on its decision-making governance in the future.

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