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Walk the Talk, in Nature

This activity leverages the calming and inspiring qualities of nature to foster deeper connections and innovative thinking within the team.

We begin with a brief mindfulness exercise, encouraging participants to use their senses to connect with nature.

We assign discussion topics that relate team goals to nature metaphors (e.g., "How can we grow like trees?" or "What obstacles are like rivers we need to cross?").

Each groups walk and discuss their topics, using nature as inspiration.

We designate stops where groups gather to share key insights. Use natural landmarks (e.g., a large tree, a river) as meeting points.

We conclude with a group discussion on overall takeaways, action points, and how nature can influence their work approach.


We select a scenic natural setting (forest trail, park…), divide participants into pairs or small groups, encouraging mix-up from usual work teams.

Approach us 2 weeks before your event if you wish to add this activity to your program.


Total Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Walk and Talk: 1.5-2 hours

  • Reflection and Debrief: 30-60 minutes

Group Size:

  • Ideal for 20-30 participants.

  • Adaptable for smaller or larger groups by adjusting the number of discussion points and reflection stops.


  • Enhanced communication skills and team bonds.

  • Greater appreciation for nature's influence on creativity and problem-solving.

  • Alignment on team goals through nature-inspired insights.

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