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OKR Workshop

The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Workshop is a structured activity designed to help teams align their goals and measure their progress effectively. This workshop facilitates the creation of clear, measurable objectives and key results that drive focus, accountability, and performance within the team.


The facilitator introduces the concept of OKRs, explaining their importance in setting and achieving strategic goals. They also discuss how OKRs align individual and team efforts with the organization's overall objectives.

Participants are then divided into small groups of 5-7 people. Each group identifies and drafts 1-2 high-level objectives relevant to their team or project. Facilitators guide the groups to ensure objectives are specific, achievable, and aligned with the broader organizational goals.

Within their groups, participants define 3-5 key results for each objective. Key results should be specific, measurable, and time-bound indicators of progress toward achieving the objective. Facilitators provide examples and feedback to ensure key results are clear and actionable.

Each group then presents their objectives and key results to the entire workshop. The facilitator and other groups provide constructive feedback, focusing on clarity, alignment, and measurability.

Finally the groups refine their OKRs based on the feedback received.

The groups then discuss and outline steps to implement their OKRs, including assigning responsibilities and setting timelines. The facilitators assist with creating realistic and actionable plans.

To conclude, the facilitator wraps up the workshop by emphasizing the importance of regular check-ins and adjustments to OKRs. They encourage participants to integrate OKRs into their ongoing team processes and review them periodically to track progress and make necessary adjustments.



Number of People: 

Suitable for groups of any size, ideally 20-50 participants to form effective breakout sessions.


  • Clear, aligned objectives and measurable key results for the team

  • Improved focus and accountability

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication within the team

  • A structured plan for implementing and tracking progress on OKRs

  • Better alignment of team efforts with organizational goals

The OKR Workshop helps teams set and achieve meaningful goals, driving performance and ensuring everyone is working towards common objectives. This activity fosters a results-oriented culture and promotes continuous improvement.

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