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Lifelines Exercise

This activity helps team members connect on a deeper level by sharing personal stories, fostering a supportive and empathetic team environment.


We provide each participant with paper and colored markers or pens. We then ask participants to draw a timeline of their life, highlighting significant events, milestones, and turning points.

We divide the team into small groups (3-4 people). Each participant is invited to share their lifeline, explaining the key moments and their impact.

We reconvene as a full group (or larger groups depending on the size of the team). Volunteers share key insights or common themes from their discussions.

We close by discuss how understanding each other’s lifelines can enhance teamwork and empathy.

Group size:

  • Ideal for 10-30 participants.

  • Can be adapted for larger groups by increasing the number of small groups.


Total Duration: 2-3 hours - Individual Reflection: 30-45 minutes - Small Group Sharing: 1-1.5 hours - Large Group Discussion and Debrief: 30-45 minutes


  • Increased empathy and understanding among team members.

  • Enhanced personal connections.

  • Better appreciation of diverse experiences and perspectives.

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