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Human Mapping

Instead of awkward and repetitive small talk, we move around the space as a way to share and learn more about each others.


The group is distributed in a large room or outdoor

All kind of questions are asked and people group themselves depending on their answers. The facilitator draws an imaginary line from one side of the room to the other to help with guiding the answers (for example if the question is: How far have you traveled to come here, they can assign right corner as “very far”, left corner is “very close”…) - Each cluster is then encourage to share a bit more for a few minutes.

Group size

any size will work but it is more fun when it is a large group (over 15 people).


depending on how many questions are asked. At least 1h.


People get to learn about each other in a new way, see unexpected similarities , and talk to a lot of different people they might not know otherwise.

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