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Find your Why

Everyone knows what they do, some know how they do it, but few know why they do it...

Do you know why you get out of bed every day and do what you do?

To be satisfied and fulfilled in our lives (both professionally and personally) and to inspire others, it's not enough to have an awareness of what we do; we must also have a clear understanding of why we do it.

Drawing inspiration from Simon Sinek's famous book, 'Find Your Why,' in this experiential workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discover their individual or collective 'why' as members of a team or organization.

This journey begins with their personal success stories and culminates in the definition of their ultimate 'impact contribution.'"


The approach involves presenting the theory through frontal sessions, followed by practical sessions in small groups or pairs to apply and solidify the concepts learned. There will be collective discussion moments to address the emotional aspects and allow participants to share their experiences and insights. This combination of theory, practice, and group reflection creates a comprehensive learning experience that fosters both understanding and emotional processing. Approach us 3 weeks before your event.

Group size

from small to large teams. We adapt the number of facilitators based on your team’s size.


4 to 6h depending on the group size.


  • Reflect as individuals or as a team on their success stories and what those stories have meant.

  • Formulate their own "why" in the context of their "impact for contribution;

  • Reflect on their "how" and "what."

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