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Feedback & Non Violent Communication

Feedback means "return nourishment"

Everything in nature is feedback and has allowed different species to survive until today, developing the skills of processing feedback. In our daily lives, however, it's not as easy to express what one thinks about a colleague's work with nonviolent communication, how one feels in response to a particular behavior, and receiving opinions from others.

How can we learn to do this?

During this session, it will be possible to learn how to give and receive feedback in the proper manner, transforming one's way of speaking from a "jackal" language to a "giraffe" language, and experiencing in practice how it's done.


Explanation of the theory through a frontal approach, followed by practical sessions in small groups or pairs to apply the concepts learned. Moments of collective discussion for emotional processing. Reach out to us 2 weeks before your event.

Group size:  

From small to large teams. We adapt the number of facilitators based on your team’s size.

Timing: 4h


• Ability to give and receive feedback properly 

• Ability to communicate in a nonviolent manner 

• Learning to express one's discomfort / dissent 

• Increased familiarity among participants 

• Conflict management as an opportunity for connection

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